Hey, Ultimate Team fans!

I’m Jack and alongside my best mate, Tom, we’ve been huge FIFA fans for as long as we can remember. Like many of you, we’ve been playing specifically Ultimate Team for years and were always chasing the dream of getting the best players and teams.

Here’s our story:

Once upon a time, not too long ago, Tom and I thought the quickest way to our dream team was by spending our real hard-earned money on FIFA Points. Every week, we’d get our allowances, save up, and think, “This time, we’ll surely get that legendary player!” But more often than not, we ended up disappointed. Whether it was another duplicate player or low-rated cards that didn’t fit our team, it seemed our money just vanished without much to show for it.

One day, after spending money and again facing disappointment, Tom turned to me and said, “There’s got to be a better way. We can’t be the only ones facing this.” That’s when we decided to dive deep into the world of Ultimate Team, researching and learning all the legitimate tricks and methods to earn coins and points without splashing our cash.

And guess what? We found ways! Some are simple, some a bit tricky, but all totally legit and helpful. And of course, also found the FC 24 hack, which also works for previous versions of the game. The problem? The FC 24 Ultimate Team hack was only available in Chinese. It seems like because Ultimate Team is not that big in China, EA Sports just completely ignored the fact there is a full-working FC 24 coin generator made in China. Of course, we translated this hack and gave it a try ourselves. It really worked!

We thought to ourselves, “Why keep these secrets?” We didn’t want other kids or anyone else to spend their money and feel the disappointment we felt. So, we created this website to help all of you! Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been playing for years, we’re here to share our discoveries.

Our mission is simple: To help the Ultimate Team community get the most out of their game without emptying their pockets. We want you to have fun, build your dream team, and most importantly, enjoy every moment of it. Everyone should be able to make free FC 24 coins and points!

Stick around, explore the tips and tricks we have, and let’s score some goals together!

Happy gaming, Jack & Tom

If you have any questions, message us!

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